by Cooper Casale

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The first official release from post-punk/neo-psychedelia musician Cooper Casale


released June 14, 2015

Special Thanks to the 2015 pledge class of the Epsilon Lamda Chapter of Phu Mu Alpha for performing the live sections of "Sinfonia."



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Cooper Casale Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Mike
Untied Shoelaces
Dirty Pillowcases and
Will rest my head in the sand

Pebbles in my Shoe and
Straw in my Hair and
Will always reach for the sky

and I will always recover--
the hits
a snapshot of the alphabet and
I will teethe my way to the top

year books and messages
are etched on the pavement and
Cross my T's and dot my I's

Solve for X and
Solve for Y and
will surely sing again

and I will always recover--
the hits
a snapshot of the alphabet and
I will teethe my way to the top
Track Name: Sonnet II
O’er hills of spite my soul is stained with truth
Of fickle tongue and heart cast down to scourge
Mine eyes have seen the glory storm and surge
And ears that hear the pain on every tooth
A song of love naive of spirit’s youth
Of which they offered ice and soon submerged
And gave to pavement roads I need diverge
To set my feet to tar with burns not soothed
Now hum a tune of brass o’er turn of spring
And tap again to drums of heady glee
Redeem my eyes and gentle meter bring
The weary lives in tumult washed to sea
To love life’s open wounds of throbbing sting
To love life’s beauty in cacophony
Track Name: One More Thing
Don't forget about me
One day I'll be gone
Each day in the limbo
Of your heart
On this rock
Ripples miles in the sea of eternity

You forgot about me
Is it because I pulled the sheets
Of a thousand unanswered prayers
Over my head?
Made safe the paths
To there and back again?

The day will come
When I joke into my grave
The last good thing I've ever known
And make safe the paths
Of one thousand blessings
I forgot